CM Live! is dedicated to helping you homeschool.

We are dedicated to helping you bring MORE to your teen.

With the advent of the Internet Age, geography is no longer an obstacle.

We deliver live, interactive, online, instructor-facilitated, living-books-oriented, college-prep courses for homeschooling teens.


Think you can't homeschool those upper years?


Think again. 


CM Live! is here to help you!


  • ​We recognize that many families stop homeschooling when their younger children move into their teen years. We know it gets harder.

  • We are motivated by the recognition that teens both want and need to interact with other teens as they continue on their educational journey.

  • We value the positive interactions of a global student community; 

  • We respect the individual contributions, passions, and talents of educated homeschooling instructors.  

  • We are inspired by the educational philosophies of the British pedagogue, Charlotte Mason, a proponent of a "living books" education..

  • And, we are dedicated  to partnering with you to help your child prepare for the next phase of their life, be it college, career, or family.




We at CM Live! provide online courses in safe, positive learning communities to enhance the home schooling objectives of homeschooling parents and meet the needs of capable and motivated teens.


We want YOU to stay IN school!

 Home School, that is. 

It's that simple.


We respect  and honor the rights of every family to choose, when it comes to education, with a motto that speaks thusly:


"Each Family, Each Child, Each Year: A Choice."


Meanwhile, we firmly believe that children

your children and our children ~

CAN be educated at home for their entire K-12 career.


  • We believe that they CAN be college and career and family ready.


  • We believe that they CAN be ready to interact successfully in society in a variety of social contexts as responsible and engaged citizens.


  • We believe that they HAVE and CAN achieve their personal goals.


  • And, we believe that there is NO REASON to give up on your home schooling ideals just because your child reaches the teen years. 






















Whether you are a homeschooling parent with a teen in need of a course, or an instructor with a great course idea you'd like to offer, we are here to help you! Take a look around our site and then either enroll in a class  via our registration page here or contact us via our Contact Page to get the conversation started!

Please, stay in touch! Here's how:


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  • Don't forget to sign up for the Newsletter! We'll keep you up-to-date on current and future course offerings, as well as any "calls" for instructors or course ideas.


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  • We are multi-media enthusiasts! So, for the fun of it, we are also on Pinterest here. 


  • And, for the benefit of our students and our CM Live! friends, we have a YouTube Channel here.





~ Roots and Wings ~


This is what we give our children as homeschooling parents. It's about so much more than a mere education. This is a lifestyle choice. It is soul work. It is a commitment to our children and our families.  As a parent, you know that. You have worked diligently to give your children roots. Now, let us help you with the wings.  


With CM Live! your child's learning can take flight today!

Enroll NOW!











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